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A monthly subscription to GG's Gourmet Goodie bags.
Subscriptions are available on a 3, 6 or 12 month basis.
Each month subscribers will be sent a surprise Gourmet Goodie bag which will include an ingredient (such as Spice Mixes, Marinades, Chai blends, Pickles, etc) made by Gourmet Girlfriend.
It will come with an exclusive Recipe card with instructions of how to make something delicious with the contents of your Gourmet Goodie bag and other ideas of how to use your goodies.
Some months bonus offers will be included.
Members also have Private Access to a GG Clever Clogs Facebook page where GG posts content that is exclusive to members only & access to Private scheduled online Q&A sessions & video content.
This subscription is great for people who want some inspiration & time saving in the kitchen and would make the PERFECT gift for a friend or family member.

The idea is that (in the words of the very fabulous julia Childs) "No-one was ever born a great cook".
It is practice and actually doing it that will make you great.
These monthly Goodie bags are a way of teaching some new skills, learning about new ingredients, about helping everyone gain some confidence while having some fun in the kitchen.

PLEASE NOTE: All Goodie bags are VEGO friendly. If the recipe card is a meat recipe, then an alternative Vego recipe is always provided.

Prices are as follows (Please note only available in Australia- postage included.)
12mth subscription $200.00
6mth subscription $120.00
3mth subscription $70.00

(NB: If you are ordering a membership as a gift PLEASE email me at [email protected] with the recipients name & address so I can address it appropriately.
Please DO NOT place recipients address in the credit card address section as it confuses the payment system. The online system notes it as a payment discrepancy. Please put the credit card holders address in this section.

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